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Ainhoa( Hidden Camera):

Tatsumi Hijikata@Tatsumi Hijikata who is originator of Butoh died in 1986, but the Butoh continue to live forever in the world.
Kazuo Ono@The oldest butoh dancer Kazuo Ono ( 103 years oldG@27@Oct. 2009) still continue dancing in Japan and continue to encourage us. produced by "TOMOE SHIUZNE & HAKUTOBO" that Yoko Ashihara who inherits Butoh founder HIJIKATA TATSUMI. belonged.

Kan Katsura Kan Katsura is only one my butoh teacher, except of Tatsumi Hijikata.
When I decided to live as a butoh dancer at 45 years old, @I joined his training camp and performances in Indonesia, Koria, Hwaii, Thailand, and Singapore.
I learned so many things from him. This video is at the New York Butoh Festival 2005. Lori ohtani and Tangentz performance group in Hawaii. They sponsor Butoh Net to inform the public about the beauty of butoh dance and to provide contact information for butoh performers and teachers. Butoh community site on the web

Santiago Sempere@Rhizome Lee learned waht is the dance from Santiago Sempere. "To be transparency" This word of Santiago guided me to the deep realm of the body. Still I continue to ask myself what is the dance , what is the beauty of dance, what is the transparency of life?

David Zambrano "Improvisation is my life" David Zambrano said so. Rhizome Lee learned from him what is the improvisation of dance, and his flying low technique. He is from venezuela, now living in Amsterdam. My faivourite dancer in the world. Contact Improvisation Events News dance site

Body Mind Work . Process organized psychorgist Anord Mindell's web site. For deepening subbody method Rhizome Lee learned a lot of thing from A.Mindel and his teacher; C.G.Jung.

Focusing@Focusing is direct access method to a bodily knowing organizing by U.T.gendlin. Rhizome Lee learned a lot of thing from focusing technique. Especialy the way how to focus to the body sense, how to connect to our whole self, how to resonate to our friend's life.
Now Gendlin developed his thinking into 'The Philosophy of Entry into the Implicit' and 'Thinking At the Edge (TAE)'. You can learn them for understanding subbody method deeper.

Stanislav grof opened the way to a new dimension of our consciousness. By the expieriences of LSD and the holotropic breath work. He found the very important connection between our expierience of before birth and our subconscious world. Subbody method uses the guide map of the fetus imaginary world which is called Basic Perinatal Matrix found by Grof.

Haruchika Noguchi Noguchi Seitai theory english books. For deepning life resonance method Rhizome Lee learned a lot of thing from Haruchika Noguchi.

Tao Shiatsu Endo Ryoky originated Tao shiatsu method. Rhizome Lee learned a lot of thing for deepning subbody butoh method.

A VIRTUAL SPACE-TIME TRAVEL MACHINE@CG art of resonance of super strings in the elevens dimennsional Calabi-Yau manifold. by French excellent CG artist; Jean-Francois Colonna. When you visit his site and click this picture, then you can watch the movement of string by mpeg movie.


Elegant Universe@Super String Theory site by Brian greene. Rhizome Lee learned that everything in the uinverce is composed by changing of the resonance pattarn of super string from him.

Sympony of everything|Super string theory@Super string theory site.

The official string theory web site@Official site of Super string theory

Kitahara Gallaxy Gallary@Photographies of Gallaxy by Mr. Kitahara; excellent amatuer astornogy photographer

Nomad Soul Records Russel Walder's transparent music site.

Shambhala; Tibet support association Hungary A great center of Tibet support group. Many time we were invited by Shambhala for performance and giving workshop in Budapest Hungary and other places, deep thanks. An online platform for the global new media art community

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