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We are accepting Co-Researchers 2013

We are regstrating as
a Trust of Subbody Butoh Institute to Indian Government.

Please send us your Motive, Hope, Your Profile, and
Paspport Detail by mail to:


Change [at]

We will send back the Detail of Apllication and Registration.


Minimum One year to Three years

Starting on March 11, 2013 to December 7, 2013

The first semester
March 11- June 15, 2013

Summer vacation
June 16- September 1, 2013

The second semester
September 2- December 7, 2013

<Number of Researchers>
12 Fixed member


Anybody who wants to research in creativity, originality, and resonance ability of subconscious body and Life earnestly. Experience of butoh and dance is not necessary. Just your motive to be a professional butoh dancer, choreographer, body practitioner, resonance workshop facilitator is important. Any age, any handicaped people are accepted.


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