Opening life resonance sense

Resonance touch is the method to experience the subtle resonance
between life and life.

When we calm down our daily body's gross sense,
we can listen to life resonance.

We need this technique for cure ourself when we travel our subbody world, because so many unexpected things happen in this travel.
When any strange experiences happen, if we can conntact with life resonance, our lives are encouraged, and we can open folded proto vitality
in our subconscious world.
In this proto vitality,
self cure ability, creativity, and resonance abilty are folded.

So, resonance method is to unfold these potential ability of life,
as same as shiatsu technique.

I develope the principle of life resonance
which I learned from Endo Ryoukyu who is founder of Tao shiatsu,
and Masunaga Shizuto who originated Zen shiatsu.

What is resonance touch

Our lives donft want denial.

The lives look for infinite affirmation the most.

The resonance-touch( shorting: reso-touch in the below)
give and share each other the affirmation
which our lives want the most.

Reso-touch is a healing method sharing comfortable vibration
between life and life.

When you rest your daily consciousness, you can listen
to the subtle resonance between life and life, body and body.

When you amplify it slowly with listening to
the life resonance, you can share comfortable vibration
between living body.

This method is not between physical bodies
like normal massage or shiatsu, but between subconscious bodies.

We call this gsubbodyh
with shortening subconscious body.

Then we do not need so much physical tension like massage or shiatsu,
but we need to share only minimum subtle life vibrations.

Our subbody wants to feel the resonance always between living bodies
through comfortable subtle vibrations
which we received in motherfs womb
when we were a fetus for ten months.

The phenomenon of resonance has neither subject nor object.

It begins naturally between two things equally.

Then reso-touch is not the 'give and take' relationship,
but a natural sharing process between living bodies equally.

You need just to notice the subtle resonant phenomenon
between living bodies, and just amplify.

The essence of resonance is a mutual affirmation.

Our lives realy want to resonance.
We need this technique to be able to give others what they want the most.

At the subbody resonance school,
you learn subbody butoh method for meeting your whole self
and creating your own dance,
and resonance healing method like a dual wheel of car.

Then these two methods guide you to open your creatibity, originality, and resonance ability fully.

Through this experience you can invent your own way of life.

Basic positions

Reso- touch has following four basic body positions.

I use the term of 'giver' and 'reciever' for convenience of explanation.

But you have to know that
the resonance has niether subject nor object.

The resonance begins just spontaneously, mutually
and naturally.

Then the 'giver' should do it with the heart to be
allowed for sharing the life resonance with 'reciever'.

Also the 'reciever' should recieve it with the heart as the same.

Then the life resonance will emerge as only one chance
of encountor in one's life.

1.Side position (from back)

Reciever lays down with round shape back at the sideposition.

Giver sits down at the back of reciver.

Listen to the life of reciever.

Put the left hand on your partner's sacram, put the right hand
between the shoulder blades.

At first without touching, keep 5 mm distance, and listen
to the life resonance at yor hands.

Listen to the all kinds of life sway; breathing, haert beat, blood stream
inner breathing, stream of informational substances, tension, release and so on.

When your hands felt life resonance something like hum or babble,
you start to touch and follow the resonance.

You can amplify the vibrations slightly with empathic imagination.

Vibrate together from your bottom, not shake only by hand.

Adjust the size and tempo of vibration at the at the most comfortable one for you, then you can share it with the reciever.

Move your right hand from home position toward the lower back, with tasting each spine's life vibration.

When you reach to the lower back, move toward the head, and move on shoulder, arm, hand.

Then left hand move from sacrum to pelvis, leg, foot, toe.

Set back to the home position, and left from the physical contact to the distance between touching and not touching with keeping the vibration.

Transform from physical vibration to life resonance.

When you feel the pure life resonance, you can separate from your partner.

Wait the time when your partner come back from the trip in the subconscious world quietly.

2. Side position (from stomach)

Same process with the stomach to stomach position (See photo).

Reciver lay down with putting the head on giver's right thigh,
put left leg under the giver's left leg,
and right leg above the giver's leg.

This position is the most deep relaxed position,
which reciever can feel a oneness feeling
between mother's womb and fetus
when we were a fetus in our mother's womb.

Giver sways like as a womb for reciever as a fetus together.

3. Face down position

Reciever lays down with face down shape.

Giver sit down with contacting the thigh to reciever's thigh.

Listen to the life sway of reciever as the same as the first position.

When giver's subbody feels the life resonance
with reciever, put right hand on the sacrum,
left hand on the shoulder.

Listen to the reciver's life sway and slightly amplify the life resonance.

Also in this positon, giver vibrate from the sacrum,
then resonate by whole body's subtle vibration with the reciever.

Share the most comfortable life vibration together.

Give subtle shake to reciver's each spine
toward various three dimansional directions,
and move from sacrum to head.

After spine, move to shoulder, arms, pelvis, and legs.

4. Face up position

Reciever lays down with face up posture.

Giver sits down with contacting the thigh to reciever's thigh
as the same as face down position.

Listen to the breathing of reciever carefully.

Try to aproach the right hand to reciever's stomach
with keeping the same breathing slowly.

Contact to the stomach, and touch with making small circle from navel,
and slowly make it large until the muximum in thirty times.

And reverse the circle with making smaller the circle until the navel.

Next put one hand on the stomach,
another hand on another part of reciever's body.

Give subtle vibration with amplifying the reciever's life stream.

Move from stomach part to any other part of body

flexibly with sharing the comfortable vibrations.

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Resonance touch method