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 What's New?

Accepting Long and Short term co-reseachers!

March Starting 1 Year Course
March 4, 2019- December 7, 2019 ( 12 spaces Remained)

September Starting 1 Year Course
September 3, 2019- June 5, 2020 ( 15 spaces Remained)

The second semester 2018 starts on Monday, 3rd September.
Short term courses are one week to one month.
Long term courses are one semester to one year- three years.

Read more

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 Accepting Autum Intensive course
September 3 -November 30, 2018
Mon-Fri. 10:00-5:00
Any Monday you can start, with any duration!

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Stretched Thin | Piu 
School Journal

Accepting the second semester!


One year long term course is almost full. But you can join in the short term course with any duration;
one month, one week or one day freely.

In the queit Himalayas, you can stop daily thinking and become subconscious body (subbody). It opens up your potential infinite creativity, originality and resonativity (resonance ability).

Midwife of the long term(Sep-Nov)


Midwife of the short term
and Winter Intensive

September:_ Adam

October: Pamela and Alex

November:_Ozerk and Vishal


December-February:Lee and_Dara


<Second semester 2018>

September 3 – November 30, 2018

Monday-Friday. 10:00-5:00

You can join in on every Monday, with any duration.


<Winter Intensive 2018-2019>

December 3 – February 22, 2018

Monday-Friday. 10:00-1:00




Send e-mail with your personal information and hope.

 World Life Resonance Art



When: 23 August at 19:00-19:45
Where: Linnunlauluntie 4, FI-00530 Helsinki, Suomi

TAONTA is a performative exploration into the inevitable. Taonta combines butoh-dance, sound resonance and performance art. Through touching the shadows, Taonta reaches towards the Mystery itself. Into its flow, Taonta weaves bothness, necessary sickness, brightness and eternal play of unity.
Taonta is here and Taonta is there. It dwells in the footseps of a common man and rests in the wingstrokes of a seagull.

The performance takes place outdoors nearby Linnunlauluntie walking route, opposite to address Linnunlauluntie 4 (next to outdoors gym).
The performance starts at 7 pm and lasts around 45 min.
Prepare for the weather.

About performers:
Taonta is performed by three Helsinki-based experimental artists/researchers Santeri Vikström, Jaakko Kuikka and Emilia Liimatainen. They have studied butoh and different bodymind techniques and performed in various places. The main focus in their artistic approach is in improvisation, authenticity, life resonance and unbecoming and becoming.

"Have you heard that it was good to gain the day?
I also say it is good to fall, battles are lost in the same spirit in which they are won."
- Walt Whitman

Contact Santeri


Margarita and Yi

Swallet ft. Butoh Performance
by Margarita & Yi + DJ Mudhut

When: 17, 18 August at 21:00–01:00

Where: Epilogue Lounge

A diverse night of butoh performance, dj's and live music.
Come and enjoy a variety night at epilogue!

Butoh is a form of dance/theatre/expression that was created in Japan after WWII. It is an art that is associated with pain, taboos and expression, however multi-interpreted across the world and through the ages. Dancer Margarita (Taiwan) and Yi (China) both studied the art of Butoh performance and have been traveling and performing their craft. Butoh is a performance that is felt by the viewer, where expression through the body takes hold. The performance will be musically assisted by Sy (Tasmania ) and Saar (Netherlands) (AKA Swallet) with an experimental soundscape, creating musical communication with the performance.

Swallet is a two piece dark-wave band found and active in Mparntwe (Alice Springs). Utilizing electronic instruments, guitar and vocals to create new wave sounds from the 80's, contemporary electronic beats, and political and sensitive poetry.

DJ Mudhut (ADJUSTER, BUG EYED, RESIN MOON) will see the night out with his broad selection of upbeat tunes including classic funk, soul, hip hop, post-punk, pop, dance, electronica, indie and rock and heaps more from the 60s to the present day!


Contact Margarita





Cycle 6: Trans-being in the darkness of the waters

Andanza, a non-dance
The incorporation of authentic expressiveness, a dance of non-movement.
To fall down. Entering. Allow yourself. Dance from the bones, feel deep. From the invisible, to the bodily surface.
Where do we find the essential movement of the body?

Is dance the movement born of matter or the matter that is created after movement?

The dance resides in the emptiness of our bodies waiting to be born. Exploring the wild way of the movement, I invite you to give body to the dance that possesses you!
                                                                                                                     Raissa Scarton

Contact Aia



"it's not a word"

Strange and Beautiful Life Performance
"it's not a word" (unspoken words)
2018.8.12 (Sun) pm at plan c

Photo by jinki Lee 이진기
Photo by Yisan 이산


Contact Gio



Butosofia workshop
in the Spanish Himalaya

Final Bacchanal of the workshop #elcuerpoensumundo, where after 6 Days Penetrating, smoking, releasing, forcing, dissolving, targeting, we gave free rein to landscapes, dreams and fantasies so that the tetris of our life will be reorganize as well it comes in wins .
Next year we repeat.

Rhizome Lee

Congratulations! from The Subbody Butoh School, Himalaya

onathan Martineau

Thank you Lee. You are still so present in these mountains, this river, those dances. And this year a few people that came to the workshop you guided together with Gio were back. So beautiful memories we shared, thinking of you two. Enjoy !

Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli 

Thank you so much dear Rhizome Lee! Hugs from us. Fernando and Carlos

Contact Jonathan

School Journal


 Does she need your Permission \ Piu
Sinking into darkness of the body
12 August 2018 

<Reduction by X and regenaration> and <Deterritorialization and/or Reterritorialization>

  Adam found an important resonance between <Reduction by X> of Tatsumi Hijikata method and Deleuze=Guattari's <Deterritorialization and/or Reterritorialization> on his site and share it in the Summer Intensive. It's opens up so rich and flexible transformation revolutionally!

Toward the <Co-midwife school>

The ideal form of the class of the Subbody Resonance Butoh School is <Co-midwife sysem> which is not guided by only one midwife, but everyone becomes a midwife, and share the each best. That's why we change the name of the students to co-researchers. Then we can enjoy diverse experiments every day. We are approaching that ideal little by little.
We share it below widely.

Reduction & Regeneration

by Adam Koan

“This is how it should be done: lodge yourself on a stratum, experiment with the opportunities it offers, find an advantageous place on it, find potential movements of deterritorialization, possible lines of flight, experience them, produce flow conjunctions here and there, try out continuums of intensities segment by segment, have a small plot of new land at all times.” – Deleuze and Guattari¹

Reduction & Regeneration are terms coined by Rhizome Lee.² It also plays a major role in Spinoza’s affect: “Affections of the body by which the body’s power of acting is increased or diminished, aided or restrained, and at the same time, the ideas of these affections.”11 In other words, reduction and regeneration as affect is a means for mind-body change or movement to happen in the first place.

Movements can be modified in a variety of ways. Pick a qualia and expand or decrease it. Or pick general qualities such as speed, size, density, weight, age, fluidity, flexibility, strength, humanness, emotion, craziness/weirdness, beauty, intensity, presence, health, and ego. Maximum reduction can take on the form of maximum downplaying, whereas maximum regeneration can take on maximum exaggeration.

To Deleuze and Guattari, Reduction & Regeneration could be thought of as deterritorialization and/or reterritorialization of the usual or typical (human) attribute of something, which are movements in which one leaves or reengages a territory. Both can also be thought of remaking and/or extending the territory.¹

Refering to the above Deleuze quote, a stratum is something (or territory) already solidified or standardized whether socially or habitually, e.g. typical watching eyes. When these typical watching eyes stratums are deterritorialized to a severe degree, for instance, it may become dysfunctional or rotten eyes. The line of flight is the reduction and/or regeneration used as a tool, your ticket to make new. Continuums of intensities can be endless modifications of intensive differences/properties, e.g., temperature, odor, color, which will certainly change the feel/quality of these eyes.

We can think of the typical stratum or qualia as something we embody, copy or mirror. Stratums are what Geoffrey Galt Harpham call discriminatory grids.10 We can then remix or edit what we see. Within the remix, there will always be something taken away (reduced) or added (re/generated).

Jersey Grotowski made use of reduction and called it via negativa. Peter Brook also made use of via negativa. He notes: “[This] is not a process of building but of destroying obstacles that stand in the way of the latent form.”³ With character development, for instance, Brook states, “Preparing a character is the opposite of building – it is a demolishing, removing brick by brick everything in the actor’s muscles, ideas, and inhibitions that stands between him and the part, until one day, with a great rush of air, the character invades his every pore.4

Exercise 1: 1 to 10

The participants find a movement pattern and one person goes down a list of modifiers (one of the Xs such as speed, strength, humanness). For each one, 1 to 10 is called out. Make 1 the least of the characteristic and 10 the most, e.g. for human, 1 would be least human and 10 the most.

Exercise 2: Duality

By the sound of a stick, the participant switches from the polar opposites of the X in question, essentially utilizing only 1 or 10.

Exercise 3: Reduction by Time (For Entire Piece)

Take 5 or 10 minutes to do a piece, whether it is choreographed or in free resonance or inbetween. Then do the piece again, but reduced to 2 minutes, then reduce to 1 minute, then 30 seconds, then 10 seconds, then 5 seconds.
Gradient System
In a gradient, go between more or less X (flexibility for instance) with your movements/internal state. Don’t get stuck on any one moment of flexibility (or lack thereof), but shift between them.

Example: Reduction & Regeneration Gradient: Flexibility

Read more Adam's site "Butoh Manual"

Read more "Sinking into Darkness"



 World Life Resonance

 This month is a performance rush of Subbody = Cobody.
Especially for the past ten year's old students and recent newcomers are dancing energetically around the world.
It is a great pleasure.



Thanapol performed "Retreat"

When the dance pattern structure is linked to the subject of political power, the life that is under power and structure, the choreography is linked to self-internal interaction, the and the extent of the risk, the confrontation and the opening of the area, giving the identity in a new form until the New score. Very heavy.
Thanapol Virulhakul

Book now with your name and the day you prefer through our inbox here or the event page.

And see you at
Studio Room
4th Floor, BACC
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

More information: inbox page democrazy I 0814415718

Contact Thanapol


Minika Smekot

Monika Performs near Glasgow

Sound of Yell/Collective Endeavours/Zoe Katsilerou

When: 11 August at 19:00–21:30
Where: GTAC 7 Water Row, Glasgo

Contact Minika



Respirando Paisagens

Come to dance your nature in nature! In Brasil...

When: 24 August - 2 September
24 Aug at 15:00 to 2 Sept at 17:00
Where: Eco Aldeia Flecha da Mata

We have all the time in the world…

Can we hear the poetry of our breath?
Of our weight, skin, heart, bones?

What moves you?
Imagination, pleasure, memories or tension?

Can we percieve the contsant movement that is happening in our bodies and let ourselves be danced?

How does nature inspire and expand the dance?

The breath weaving our movement, our relationships, our history …

An invitation to dive together into a journey through the landscapes that move inside our bodies! It will be a process of free creations, integration and healing, with the support and expansion of the waters and of the nature that surrounds us. Including the needs of each body present and its processes, integrating techniques such as:::

Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Liquid Dance, Games from the Universe of Clowning, Authentic Movement, Somatic Arts, Aquatic Therapies, Breathing Techniques ...

All tools that inspire us and working with them to support and permit the mystery that we truly are, we unwind ourselves freely and organically, creating and healing through these states of dance

Contact Pilar



El Arte de Nacer
-Taller de Danza Butoh

When: 19 - 21 Oct ・

Where: ArTes-SAnAs en Movimiento
Avda de Pulianas 24, Bq1, 18011 Granada, Spain

Contact Jonathan



Juqi continues dancing!

Tomorrow at Puppet Cabaret at Heart of The Beast, Minneapolis at 8pm.

Butoh performance with galactic javanese singing
Come join us! Yarrow Naowa Shaddah Moonear Khar

Contact Juqi



Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop

6 August at 15:42 ·
Registration for Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop is open! Come to discover deeper connections to your body, mind, spirit, and Qi!

Where: Heart of Tao Resonance Art, 2322 Garfield St. NE, Minneapolis 55418

Tuition: $120

To Register, please complete Online Registration Form.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Sinking into darkness of the body
 Cobody Dreaming Share
7 August 2018 

<Cobody Dreaming Share>

  Finally we got how to share each one’s forgotten cobody Qualia after twenty years trial and error.
The missing key was hidden in the method of conditioning.

1. Conditioning for Cobody Dreaming Share

Resonate each other with various Hidden Skin distance
-Placenta layer: Between touching and not touching
-Womb layer: Become twin fetus in the Amniotic fluid
-Mother’s body layer: Relationship in the individual distance
-World layer: Resonance in the distance
-Physical contact: Contact with various pressures

2. Dreaming of cobody resonance

Remember the forgotten Qualia when we were one cobody; a swarm, flock, herd, school, crowd.
Imagine the most interesting cobody group movement with a Jo-Ha-Kyu.
Find the best place to share the cobody.

3. Cobody Dreaming Share

Guide others to your cobody Qualia by the movement and the words at the most interesting place.
The others follow it.

Finally we got how to share each one’s forgotten cobody Qualia after twenty years trial and error.
It was hidden as so rich and diverse forms in our darkness of body. It was just that we didn’t know how it is possible to activate it.
Only through one day experiment, we got so interesting cobody Qualia as the following;

1. Skin Eye Cobody: Lee
2. Strange Caterpillar: Adam
3. One Cell Organism: Lila
4. Jellyfish: Christian
5. Birds Song: Piu
6. Bee: Linda

Co-Researchers of the second semester 2018 are so luckey, because we can share so rich cobodies and able to use them in each one's creation of the 17th Butoh Festival.

Read more "Sinking into Darkness"





School Journal

We Are Running All Year Long!

The Subbody Butoh School is now running without end (all year long). This school was created 13 years ago for the specific purpose of getting deep butoh research. It's not a dip your feet in sort of thing. It's a complete immersion in butoh study at one of the most beautiful areas in the world (Dharamsala, India at the Himalayan mountains). People from around the world join for a reason. Hope to see some of you here sometime.

Also we have Butoh performance every Friday afternoon
throughout the whole year.
It is the world first achivement.
The creativity of Life is surprisingly infinite!.

Please enjoy it!

 World Life Resonance Art


Dara Dancing in Italy

Dancing at the Tempio di Minerva Medica, Montefoscoli (PI), photography by #ElisaTagliati

Experiencing jinen butoh, thank you all!

Rhythmos Noir Blog

Rhythmos Noir facebook

Contact Dara

Summer Intensive Course


The August course changed to 4: 00-7: 00.

After September, both of long and short course are
10: 00 - 5: 00 as usual.

Please join us!

 World Life Resonance

Margarita and Yi

Beyond Words

Come to The Flynn church lawns this wed 8th from 11 am to witness a magic collaboration between Alice artists, Jeremy D Conlon and myself with international dancers Margarita Tseng and Yi - ‘We enrich our experience and dance vocabulary by finding ways of resonating with a multitude of environments, being fully aware and attuned to what is surrounding us and connecting with the “present”. Every performance is unique and depends on where the flow and the body will guide us.’ Margarita and Yi are both studying Butoh in India and performing while travelling around the world. Jeremy and myself will be sound scaping using live instruments and fx as well as pre recorded material from places and musicians, all original and improvised.

Contact Margarita

 World Life Resonance


Dancing Skin Eyes workshop
in Pecs, Hungary

Thank you to mature the last dances! (Dancing eyes of skin workshop '18)

Rhythmos Noir Blog

Rhythmos Noir facebook

Contact Dara

 World Life Resonance


In between you and me!

Through the dance, the body of life, I have been meeting so many 'YOU'. In between you and me, I've been encountering a totally new relationship which I never met before, and open freedom, pure life resonance. No more boundary between you and me.
Thanks to YOU and more.
Let's dance the hidden space, story, self.

Subbody Resonance Butoh Workshop in Korea.
And Collaboration Performance
8.11(sat) ~ 12(Sun) : Workshop / Performance 12(sun) 7pm


Contact Gio

 World Life Resonance


Juqi dancing in Indonesia

Last minute shot!
BUTOH and non-generic music performance tomorrow
at the intersection between Monroe St and 22nd Ave E
at Openstreet Northeast.
Come see us!
With Yarrow Naowa Shaddah

Contact Juqi



The Art of being born.
Intensive seminar of butosophy

When: 13 August - 16 August
at 11:00 to 22:00
Where: Espacio En Blanco Madrid
28005 Madrid, Spain

Hosted by Butosofia

Contact Jonathan

 World Life Resonance


Gio, Butoh Performance in Korea!

Strange and Beautiful Performance in life resonance.
" I don't know what to say " unspoken " words.

A strange and beautiful communication and performance of the public

2018. 8.12(sun) 7pm
Cham-Yeojagga _ bagjihyeong imtaeung gio and..

"the dance of the body freedom of life" workshop
Subbody Resonance Dance Workshop with Gio
2018. 8.11(sat)~12(sun) 10am-5:30pm

AT Plan C (전주 Jeonju, Korea)

Contact Gio


Angeliki and Loanna

Art of Shisha (Dead) workshop in Syros, Greece 2011

A nostalgic workshop video was sent from Loaana.
It is the first workshop that I tried the Art of Shisha (Dead) method.
We danced as a Shisha at a ruin, sea coast, studio and a festival of the island.
So nostalgic scenes, and participants!
Thank you Loanna, Angeliki and all!
Hope to see you again!

Contact Angeliki

Sinking into darkness of the body

 Four billon years ago Life was born, and continued to spread to various species.
What creativity is hidden in the Life?

24 July 2018 

The Art of Shisha and "The Art of Life"

“Shisha (dead) transform quietly yet infinitely.”

“To be Shisha is the similar as to become Life.”

“Never forget to abandon all conditions of human!”

Hijkata said often these words to the students. 
 Hijikata Butoh is an Art of Shisha. And it's the same as an Art to be Life.
We researched it for twenty years in the Himalaya, and finally, we can find the secret path spread from Life Resonance Butoh to Life Resonance Art for everybody in the all over the world.

The method is easy, we need just to stop daily thinking, and shift to listening mode.   
Today, I guide you what is to stop thinking, how to do it, why do we need to stop daily thinking.

Because the daily thinking is repeated thinking

We repeat the unconscious ego stories infinite time in each moment. “I am strong”, “I am healthy.”, “I am kind.”, I am....”, “I am....”. 
We repeat all the good Qualia and strengthen out ego story. 
In each moment when we feel “I”, the unconscious repetiti on is continuing and supporting your identity. 
During we repeat these same Qualia, there is no space that the other fresh Qualia enter. This is the reason, the daily thinking has lost the creativity of Life.

Hunt the moment of repeat!

Please listen to the moment that the repeated=welknown Qualia are starting to appear, hunt the moment, and immediately stop the repeating.
Then you can contact with the inifinite strange Qualia are flowing out for your darkness of obody.

What is the creativity of Life?

All the other Qualia have to hide in the subconscious realm in the darkness of body. 
On the contrary, the other Qualia that ego could not accept became the subbody=cobody. They are hard to accept for the conscious ego because they are Qualia that Life could not resonate well.

Subbody=cobody is full of the following Qualia

Subbody=cobody are hidden with the following Qualia 
-Qualia that Life couldn't resonate well 
-Marginalized Qualia 
-Dissociated Qualai 
-Forgotten Qualia 
-Forbidden Qualia 
-All negative Qualia that the ego recognized it as the ignorable

So, these tons of Qualia are disassociated to the ego and hidden as the subbody-cobody.

Let those Qualia resonate freely

To allow the subbody-cobody came out from the subconscious realm means to release all those tons of strange Qualia to let resonate each other. The secret of creativity of Life is the Resonance among Qualia. 
Qualia and Qualia meet and become another Qualia automatically.

No talent is required

It doesn't concern with the human intention or will, out of it Qualia resonate and generate new Qualia. 
It is the same as your dreams come up automatically without your consciousness. 
No talent is required to be subbody mode. The strong intelligence if you have, it often resists against to be suspended. 
The better to be subbody, the less you have!

Everybody can be an unique Artist!

The Art of Shisha (dead) is an extreme technique that we become Shisha and transform quietly yet infinitely. It is the same as to be Life.

To understand this is the entrance to the Subbody Resonance Butoh and Life Resonance Art.

Let's become Life and open your full potential creativity. Anybody is welcome. There are no any borders.




Ozerk Breath work in Istanbul.!

Breathbody Workshop

There's two nefesbeden whistles this week.
Day-to-day participation is possible.
Since the place is small, there will be 4 private studies.
You can contact me at the the email address to join.

When: 3 d 5t July 10:00-15:00
Where: Ozerk's Place, Moda, istanbul, Turkey

Contact Ozerk

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for studying subbody method
New Subbody Butoh Book
 Now on Amazon!!

 The Butoh

Rhizome Lee

Kindle 6.99 $
Paperback 20 $

Click Here
 You can read it by any devices. Download Kindle free APP. please download it on above link.
 Read more Subbody Books1Fri
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Earth Clovd | Lila 
Permission to see | Lila and Cobody
Nothing 4 Politics | Pamela
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Dancing Eyes of Skin Dara

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