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Spring Course

March 4 - June 9, 2019
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The 18th International Butoh Festival Himalaya

May 31 - June 9, 2019

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June 10 - August 23, 2019

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September 3 - December 8, 2019

The 19th International Butoh Festival Himalaya

November 29 - December 8, 2019

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December 9 - February 21, 2020

Let's open your infinite creativity in Himalaya!


School Journal
27 March, 2019

Transparent Rhizome

Finally, we are successfully building the new <Transparent Rhizome> method based on the previous experiments of Resonant Rhizome and so on in this semester.
To realize the Transparent Rhizome that we co-create a miraculous development of Butoh through only Life Resonance without a choreographer or director, all dancers have to get the following techniques as own blood. If only one person loses it, the transparency of dance is collapsed down.
Hope to share these points by both short and long course, then Thursday, Friday’s collaboration and the Festival will work.

Connect freely and separate flexible at any time at any part.

Segmenting and transforming diversely

3°Reduction by X and regeneration
X can be any Qualia, we can become any beings and world can transform dynamically
4°Deterritorialization and reterritorialization
Each part can separate and connect from the territory
We can move with changing Qualia and numbers beyond any borders
Listen to inside half, outside half.
The half co-creating cobody world and half carrying own secret always
Not being bound by anything, even internal Qualia and external Qualia

7°Create a traveling map as the beauty
Each one creates own traveling map and shares it with others. It will be a basis of the creation of each own Butoh-fu

(They are connected to the “Clouding body (Obscuring body)” the technique of “Sick Dancing Princess” and the “Dismal air”.
“People are moved by a dismal air that felt uncomfortable, mysterious and gloomy.” (Hijikata)




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Sinking into darkness of the body

March 25 2019

24-hour Listening to Qualia streaming


We sink down to deeper research of the darkness of the body.

We expand the Qualia listening from only school hours to 24-hour.

Continue Medimotion that is moved by someone for 24-hour.

We integrate the Subbody method, Hijikata Butoh method and Deleuze phylosophy with researching "Quiet House" Butoh-fu.

Quiet House: The building of Subbody school transforms to the Quiet House that nobody talks anymore. We keep complete silence and listen to the darkness of the body.

The Red God: Life is moved by unknown Qualia always. The medimotion is what we moved by someone.This "someone" is "The Red God". The 24-hour medimotion means that we feel the invisible Red God for 24-hour.
Hijikata isolated himself for some years and meditate about his dead sister to invent his necessary last Butoh.

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain: This is Hijikata's main motif of The Quiet House. We start researching each one's motivation of the creation. Until we find own necessity of Butoh creation, we continue to seek it in the darkness of body.

A fine spider's thread that runs on the forehead:
Cat Waist:
Behind World:

To contorl these four elements indipently is Hijikata's secret technique of weaked body. He segmented his body into thousands of details and transformed verious things.

Deleuze said
<Differentiation and Differenciation> as same as Hijikata, to segment into different parts and each part transforms differently.

Garbage disposal place:
When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower:
A fragile sound collapsed in a shed:
Can Factory:

The inner Qualia of cell's Life memories are reasonating with mutiple Behind World.

It is the
Rhizome which is able to connect freely and separate flexible.

Now finnaly we can integrate Hijikata method, Subbody method and Deleuze phylosophy. We will poceed this issue in this year.

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School Journal
Wet Spagatti Ariel 
21 March, 2019

Becoming Life in the Nature

We need to wash our brains that is dirtied by too much daily information.

We went to Himalayan Rock Garden, and we learned the deep silence from the stones.




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 World Life Resonance Art

Alex and Allesia

Alex and Allesia pefrom in Pushkar, Rajasthan

Hello Lee
Allessia and I make performances over several days during holi in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India.... Dancing the qualia and resonance of Holi festival ...
Here are some photos

Alex and Allesia

Contact Alex

Sinking into darkness of the body

March 22, 2019

What is the Life Resonance Butoh?


We resonate with all Life’s suffering and pain on the earth.

All creatures are ONE LIFE of four billion years old.

Become Life and resonate as Life.

It is the Life Resonance Butoh.

We are aiming the Life Reonance Revolution in the all over the world.

Come to Himalaya and join us to open your infinite creativity, originality, and resonativity of Life.

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School Journal
21 March, 2019

Becoming Life in the Nature

We learned the deep silence from the stone of Chatle Rock Garden.




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School Journal
Sinking into darkness of the body
20 March, 2019

<Jo-Ha-Kyu> completion


Jo(Begin): Share the deep and subtle listening

(Let audience to be infected to the listening)

Ha(Break): Break the previous world by an unexpected surprise

(Involve audience into your world)

Kyu(Climax and ending):

<Kyu> of “Momiyose”: Dance various subbody=cobody in a short time with inventing and devising

<Kyu> of the world change: Opening the world=self channel with a world transformation  


Co-research of <Ha> of <Jo-Ha-Kyu>


Today we co-research <Ha> of <Jo-Ha-Kyu>. Everybody devised unique <Ha(Break)> and shared together. After sharing each <Ha> technique we danced with using all kind of <Ha> for several minutes.


<Kyu> of the world change


After dancing full of <Ha>, we opened the world=self channel and shared each one’s world change Qualia.

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School Journal
Sweep Rhizome Lee and Cobody 
19 March, 2019

Creation of the original Butoh-fu

We study ”Kan(disable)” Qualia of Hijikata. And create each own Butoh-fu using Hijikata’s Qualia or original Qualia, like the following.



1. Injecting acid on the tips of your fingers

2. Kissing the bottle and listening to the ocean

3. Lost in the forest full of nettles and dragonflies

4. Inhaling cotton powder unable to breathe

5. Fall into the river, eaten by big fish



1. Squeeze air feet and toes

2. Arms explosively attacked by light

3. Face being put paint inside

4. Stomach dried up completely

5. Auschwitz (becomes a completely different place, an empty space with no history, no walls, no people, the nothing itself. You leave this non-space in the regular human walk but you are totally hollow in the inside)



1. Chocolate that tastes like dal (at the dining table)

2. Clothes become part of your skin

3. A fool being chased

4. Pigeon toes gecko

5. Gecko trying to drive the same car



1. Attacked by light

2. Locked in a small room in every pore

3. Raise the eyes of an old women

4. Hunchback

5. Last steps of your dying grandmother (the reincarnation is your most necessary Qualia)



1. Only head – Birds fly away from the temple

2. Arms connected – Drunk bear – Honeyhands

3. Ghost of mickey mouse, dead cartoon

4. Showing mommy your handmade dress

5. Your dress turns you into stone with worms at your feet, you can’t scream no teeth



1. Rock cicada’s eye

2. A doll smolders busubusu

3. Plants crawl the temple

4. A face of the pomegranate tooth

5. People who are made of ice



1. Passing of the myriad gaze

2. Being gouged and melt

3. Multi-layering of nerve mescaline

4. Destroyed every qualia as crystallized one picture for me. By one word, one action, sensationally.

5. Become Budha tree



1. Ash walk (quiet the mind)

2. Listen for a boat pulling into the Chennai harbor (Awareness of hearing without focus.

3. The wish to move proceeds ahead. Shape follows. (The soul/self/essence of all the dancers in the space exits the body you move without purpose or direction.)

4. Blurred flowers wander (The self/ soul/ essence of all the dancers in the space take on the form of blurred flowers.)

5. Half a million bugs on a tree. The insides are all gone. (The Flowers’selves have drifted away. There is no longer an “I” experiencing qualia. There is only an experience occurring rest in this awareness.)



1. Being Kissed

2. Leaking water

3. Drowning spider is smiling

4. Blurred face in the next door

5. Walk, Walk, Walk. Who is crying ?



1. Multi-layering of nerve mescaline

2. Generate and dismantl of a doll by soil

3. Origin of mouth and teeth

4. Internal organs hanging out of the body

5. Rising up with the darkness gradually (Hands together. Stand up. )



1. Who have been put paint on the wall

2. Crack

3. Ghoast with a child’s face to mouth

4. Attacked by light

5. Being confined to the crystal



1. Bodies are nailed down to the floor, captured, connected.

2. Hundreds of angry bees are stiriging us setting us fire

3. Child bullying its parents hysterically

4. Former protecting her/his animals from a huge storm

5. Soft breeze blows away all pasts of your body, all that remains is an abstract doll skeleton.



1. People who are made of dust

2. Smoldering doll busubusu (only watch)

3. Old woman being kissed (only watch)

4. Ghost playing the organ (only watch)

5. Collapse of the begger



1. Each time the is replaced each time. The eye becomes thinner.

2. White sheet the great white

3. Black dots flood

4. The hair drinks up the great white

5. Dry croud. It’s all in the eye. It’s all in the I. It’s all in the eye. It’s all in the I.




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School Journal
 A dream theatre

Creating a dreamy space, almost sleeping. we listen to the dreams and we manifest them thru theatre and dance.
This is not a workshop or class but a dream club,
 We support each other’s realizations of dreams and desires, coming from the world of night,  sleep, and invisibility
Looking for Motivation to exploring feeding life with what comes from the dreamworld and see where it leads us.
No judgement, committed people  training for lucidity, conversations between awake and sleep

Anyone interested Welcome to the dream club, Let’s dance and stage our dreams
with the night being our companion
mon-tue-wed 7pm-9pm
@subbody Butoh Theatre, jogibara Village
for more info- modifyingcells@gmail.com

School Journal
13 March, 2019

We learned a lot form Mushimaru-san

The weekend performance was rich harvest with Mushimaru-san's solo and all participants.
We learned his method and mixed with subbody method, each dancer ound unique solo or duo.
When different Qulaia meets different Qualia, unexpected resonance emergence happns.
Thank you very much, Mushimaru-san.
Hope to see you again!

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Igu, Pilar


2nd Kyoto Butoh Festival

Old students Igu, Pilar are inveited to performance
@ 2nd Kyoto Butoh Festival 2019
They are the first and third oldest graduate
of Subbody Butoh.

❤ 大変楽しみです❗

Contact Igu

Lee!! Im going finally to japan!
Ikuko will be there, and also Isa from Brasil!
so excited!!
please recommend me people to meet and places to go!
and if there is a possibility to give workshops there, please!!
so happy!!


Contact Pilar

Contact Kan


Gio, Asta, Chiara

Europe Life Resonance Butoh Tour
with Gio

<Summer Europe 1st Project in Italy
residency workshop>

Inexplicably beautiful collaboration work Asta Gudmundsdottir (Nature creative clothes) / One of the most beautiful nature studio, residency Piedi InTerra

Nature and movement collaboration workshop

Wear life nature clothes, dance hidden skin. Melt into nature inside, outside. Through hidden skin, nature movement, nature clothes and cobody life resonance. Body that becomes nature. Discover own dance of life, nature.

24~31 Aug 2019
Contact : piedinterra@gmail.com / dustgiobody@gmail.com

“When I began in love with Butoh, I dreamt of changing mysterious clothes in front of big mirror. Every single piece of the clothes had a beauty I had never seen before. When I wore the last clothes, I knew it was my clothes like skin. It was a perfect moment of transformation life.” (GIO)

“I’ve connected with a snail. Natures movement ...we are nature. To connect with our source by observing nature closely. Like the observation of a snail, slowly moving through the grass or a leaf, leaving its shiny silver trail or trace behind, wherever it goes.”(ASTA)

Contact Gio

 World Life Resonance Art


Euro tour is being upgraded

I'm pleased to announce that the Life Resonance Butoh Euro tour is being upgraded by joining forces with talented performer/educator and USA butoh festival organizer Julie Becton Gillum. She comes in at the June 11 date (Finland) and will stay till the end. There is still space on the tour. Contact Julie or me for more information.

Updated tour:

June 21 – 23 - Crawley, UK - DEW International Folklore Festival – butoh performance

June 25 – July 2 – Turin, Italy – Moving Bodies Festival – workshop & performance

(Slot available.)

July 11 – 16 – Helsinki, Finland – 5 day intensive

July 18 – 23 – Madrid, Spain – 5 day intensive

July 25 – 29 – Bilbao, Spain – 5 day intensive

August 19 – Sep 1 - FreeXit in Serbia - www.freexit.org

Sep 5 – 09 - Bucharest, Romania – 5 day intensive

Sep 12 - 16 - Lviv, Ukraine – 5 day intensive

Sep 19 - 23 - Leipzig, Germany – 5 day intensive

(Slots available for late Sept and for the month of Oct.)

Contact Adam



Doushin Butoh Experience
- One Day Butoh Workshop with Gadu

Thursday, March 14th, 2018
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Heart of Tao Resonance Art
2322 Garfield St. NE,
Minneapolis 55418
Fee: $25

Contact Igu

 World Life Resonance Art


Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop

Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop is designed as a pre-requisite for Doushin Butoh Workshop in order to learn the basic physical methods of Subbody Butoh Method and basic meditation techniques of Spring Forest Qigong. ​​​​​​​​​

This workshop will focus on the essential aspects of Doushin Butoh:
Quiet down the daily consciousness and listen to the subtle body signals
Go beyond our physical, psychological and social bounds in order to create movements that are novel and unique to the individual body
Resonate with other bodies
Go into meditative state using Spring Forest Qigong techniques
Doushin Butoh Workshop is a group process and this workshop requires no previous dance experience. Anyone who would like to explore his or her hidden creative potentials is welcome!

When: Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00pm

2019 Schedule (Dates are subject to change)

Second Term: 3/21, 3/28, 4/18, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/30, 6/13
Third Term: 7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1, 8/8, 8/22, 8/29, 9/12
Fourth Term: 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/7, 11/14

Where: Heart of Tao Resonance Art, 2322 Garfield St. NE, Minneapolis 55418

Contact Igu

 World Life Resonance Art
 Subbody Butoh Books
 Now on Amazon!!

 The Butoh

Rhizome Lee

Kindle 6.99 $
Paperback 20 $

Click Here
 You can read it by any devices. Download Kindle free APP. please download it on above link.
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 World Life Resonance Art
Sinking into darkness of the body
20 March, 2019

<Jo-Ha-Kyu> completion


Jo(Begin): Share the deep and subtle listening

(Let audience to be infected to the listening)

Ha(Break): Break the previous world by an unexpected surprise

(Involve audience into your world)

Kyu(Climax and ending):

<Kyu> of “Momiyose”: Dance various subbody=cobody in a short time with inventing and devising

<Kyu> of the world change: Opening the world=self channel with a world transformation  


Co-research of <Ha> of <Jo-Ha-Kyu>


Today we co-research <Ha> of <Jo-Ha-Kyu>. Everybody devised unique <Ha(Break)> and shared together. After sharing each <Ha> technique we danced with using all kind of <Ha> for several minutes.


<Kyu> of the world change


After dancing full of <Ha>, we opened the world=self channel and shared each one’s world change Qualia.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

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