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Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017
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Ramesh Foreever
Rhizome Lee
John Giskes
Fractal Rhizome

Listen, Move, Listen
International Butoh Festival Himalaya

Carnival of Kan (Disability)
Gorka, Lee and Cobody

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Flower and The Abyss
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Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

 Dancing own world=self image
at Subbody Resonance Butoh workshop in Rotterdam
 Subbody Drawing at Rotterdam
 John Giskes near river Oude Maas, Rotterdam
 Butoh performances /
2nd week of Rotterdam subbody butoh workshop
Sinking into darkness of the body
Ramesh, forever! / Rhizome Lee and cobody 
July 14, 2017

Ramesh, forever!

A week after I heard the death of Ramesh, I danced Ramesh at the Forest Park in Rotterdam. A lot of memories overflowed over 20 years spent with Ramesh. Among them, especially, in the desert of Rajasthan, the bodily sensation of Ramesh at the moment when sudden cerebral hemorrhage occurred came to my body.
How many times have I danced the dead?
Swarn friends, Yamazaki, Tsuji, Hashimoto, the dead of the Pacific War, the deceased of Auschwitz, a strange death on the streets of Delhi, the dead of Fukushima 3.11 ....
Through dancing the dead and I become one.
The darkness of my body is full of the dead. It's as if their playground.
Little by little, it gradually approaches the country of the dead.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

 From old students for Ramesh

Simon Thakur

Simon Thakur 
Sorry to hear this Lee. He was a wonderful presence at the school.

Ikuko Dhasa

Ikuko Dhasa

 I can not find a word. There are too many memories.
It is me who was jokingly saying "We want one Ramesh in every family." Potato prantha was the best. I am sincerely grateful that I could spend the same time and I pray for the souls

Vishal Choudhary

Vishal Choudhary
 This is so sad , and heart less ,,

Gadu Schmitz

Gadu Schmitz 
Ramesh was a wonderful friend, care taker and healer
at Subbody Butoh School. He treated every student with such care
that we often took him for granted. It is hard to imagine Subbody School without Ramesh. I love him as my brother. Ramesh, rest in peace.

Czap Gábor

Czap Gábor :-(

Sara Pons

Sara Pons 
Ohhh Ramesh, beautiful image come to my mind thinking about him!

Chiara de Bona

Chiara de Bona 
ohh Ramesh....beautiful presence! rest in peace!

Natasja de Lange

Natasja de Lange 
Ramesh rest in peace I will always remember you <3

Monika Smekot

Monika Smekot 
OH NO!!!! what a sad news! what a loss for the planet. Such a gentle and sweet soul! He was a beautiful being! ve Lots of
love for his family... beautiful kids and wife. Thank you Lee for introducing me to Ramesh! Dear Ramesh I hope you are free from pain now and planning your come back to earth... we need good strong and inspiring spirits like yours!!!!!

Aymon Barrio

Aymon Barrio
 You left an imprint in our hearts. Teacher. Sweet soul. Hard worker.

Christine Jaroszewski

Christine Jaroszewski ❤️

Markus Gross

Markus Gross 
shanti Ramesh it was a peasure to see your essence of beeing!

B Anneli Türva

B Anneli Türva 
Beautiful Ramesh! You left only good memories.

 十 をぢこ

をぢこ インドでは何度もロメスに救われた

 I was saved by Ramesh many times in India. Thank you and sleep well! Wodico Tsunashi

 Nikhil Dev

Nikhil Dev This is so sad..i m so sad to hear about this..we have worked together for a long in peace Ramesh, you will always be remembered.

 Monuj Saikia

Monuj Saikia So Sad...RIP...

Elly Hermanussen

Elly Hermanussen Rhames teach you resonativity and you Rhizome Lee, showed me the meaning of Life Resonance Art. I am very greatfull for that! It means a lot to me! A beautiful Gift. Thank You so much!

 Lakshika Pandey

Lakshika Pandey Lee is this is so beautiful... allowing yourself to live the sensations of different lives ..... celebrating life in its entirety including death.... connection prevails through deep sensations.... gratitude for being this wonderful person that you are..lots of warm affection.

 Silas Valentine

Silas Valentine Yeah buddy! A beautiful butoh for Ramesh. He watches and smiles for you man.


Sinking into darkness of the body
July 07, 2017

咸 & 癇 -Two KAN


(Kan) of Zamami and (Kan) of Tatsumi Hijikata

Both are rarely used words, but it is an essential concept that forms the basis of Beauty for two persons.


(Kan) of Zeami


Zeami who was a founder of Japanese Noh dance, had investigated in what is the Beauty of Noh dance.

In his "Kadensho (What is Flower)" written in his age 40's, he defined it by three elements: Flower, Interesting, and Rarity.

But, in the later years, he said that in the previous difinition, it was still bound by the work of human heart, when we recognize it as "Oh, flower blooms!   Interesting! or Rare!".

But, There are moments that we are unexpectedly moved by something spontaneously without the work of heart such as "Flower!", "Interesting!" or "Rare!".

"What is it that Life is moved without the work of the heart? "


Normaly we use the word "( Kan)" to express to feel. But, it is work of human heart, he had to invent a new word (Kan) to express it, He delete a Heart (心)form the character of that means to feel.


He had to invent a new word <>(Kan).

It is just Life Resonance that is transmitted from Life to Life beyond the function of the human heart.

He had met the secret of the Beauty It is Life Resonance itself.


(Feel)- 心 (Heart = (Kan, Life Resonance)



Based on this (Kan=Life Resonance) beyond the work of the mind, he established "the dual illusious Noh dance to go and come between this world and the other world in his late age.

The (Kan) is directly transmitted from Life to Life without word, and without mind.

He finally found that the essence of beauty is the Life Resonance itself.


Tatsumi Hijikata's <癇の花 Flower of Kan>


On the other hand, Tatsumi Hijikata pursued novel beauty, after undergoing various experiments of dark butoh at the young age.

He who worked on the creation of "Weakened body butoh" that reduced all dynamic movements from his dance. And finally reached to the ultimate beauty called <癇の花 Flower of Kan>.

Flower of Kan is a novel, very sensitive beauty swaying between this living world and the dead world. Life becomes weakened by accumulation of various Life Resonances; attacked, invaded, forced, eaten and so on between Life and the world.

Sometimes the mentally or physically disabled Life shows a special beauty momentary that is not able to resonate well with the world.

Tatsumi Hijikata called it as <Flower of Kan (癇の花)>

"The eyes of rocky cicadas"

Some concrete image to explain the flowers of Kan shows what id Kan?

"Butoh is not an expression, not expressing raw emotions and feelings as they are.

We swallow it once.

Then chew and wait the ferment until it is brought up to a beautiful wine.

Wait and wait and grance by the eyes of rocky cicadas that sunk down into the rock.

That is the Butoh of Life. "


In "Hoso-tan" (1972), he performed the near death Life which was eaten up by pimples, with a dragging crawling movement.

In the solo of "Girls" in "Summer Storm" (1973), "Quiet House" (1974), Tatsumi Hijikata could dance together with his dead sister who could not dance for many years.

Among them, crawling on the ground,

Hijikata danced <Flower of Kan> by a subtle last moment of Life.


Beauty of Transparent Life Resonance


Zeami's < Kan> and Hijikata Tatsumi's <癇の花Flower of Kan>, both of them are swaying beauty of Life that fluctuates between life and death.

They discovered the ultimate beauty as Life Resonance transmitted from the Life to the Life.


How can we create the novel beauty of Life Resonance in this contemporary world?

What to do is just question the Life.

Ask you Life, "What do you want most?

What difficulties do you encounter?

What are you asking for?"

The answer will be reply by the subtle tremor or fluctuation of Life at some part of your body.

Listen to life and move according to the subtle Qualia, and listen to Life again.




and listen.


In this simple listening repetition, the seed of a fine Life Resonance technique to come is germinating.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

 I have arrived at Rotterdam.
The three months Summer tuor has begun!
See you!

 Schedule of Summer tour 2017

1. Netherlands (Rotterdam): Jun 19-July 7 finished

2. Hungary
2-1 Subbody Workshop near Pecs
: July 12 - 14 finished
2-2. Butoh in Wheelchair Leányfalu : July 17 - 21
2-3 Subbody Workshop in Budapest
July 22 - 26
2-4 Shiatsu workshop in Budapest
: July 29 - 30

3. Ozora Festival
Ozora, Hungary : July 31 - Aug 6

4. Cobody Gathering in Switzerland (near Geneva) : August 10 - 13

5. Russia (Vlagivostock) : August 21-26

Let's enjoy it!


Agnes, Andrea, Darinka, Judit, Tamas & Lee

1. Subbody Butoh Workshop in Pecs (finished)

When: 12 - 14 July
Where: South Hungary
Contact: Darinka :

2. BUTOH in Wheelchair 2017

When: 17 - 21 July
Where:Leányfalu, Cityhall, Theatre room

Contact: Tamas :

3. Subbody Butoh Workshop

When: 22 - 26 July
Where: Budapest


4. Resonance Touch Workshop

When: 29 - 30 July
Where: Budapest


5. Subbody Butoh Workshop in Ozora Festival (New)

When: Workshop: 31 July - 6 August
Collaborative Performance : 6 August
Where: At Artibar stage, Ozora, Hungary

Contact: Darinka :
Agnes :


Asuka, Aymon, Sebastiem & Lee

Cobody Gathering in Switzerland

When: 10 - 13 August

    Where: Terror, Presilly, France -30 min de Geneva

Cost: 200 euro

Contact: Aymon:



 Olga & Lee

Subbody Butoh Workshop in Russia

Единственный в России
Subbody Butoh семинар семинар

When: 21 - 26 August

Where: Vladivostok, Russia

Contact: Olga :

Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

 Riverside Rhizome in Rotterdam
 Fractal Rhizome in Rotterdam / John Giskes, Beatrijs, Bushra, Koffe, Milou, and Rhizome Lee
 Listen, move, and listen / Netherlands
25 June, 2017

Listen, Move and Listen

The Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017 has begun at Rotterdam, Netherlands.
We started it from Listening.
Listning to the subtle invisible Qualia in the darkness of body.
Listen, and if you catch subtle tendency at a part of body, move with following the tendency, and listen to subtle Life Resonance Qualia again.
During dancing, keep listening constantly.

When we concentare on the listening, it is so beautiful.
Why the listening is connect with the beauty.
It is a mystery, but probably the figure of listening to the deep Life Resonance Qualia is
able to lead the audience to the listening itself.
We don't know what are we listening, We cannot explain it by word what are we listening.
The Life Resonance Qualia are invisible and so subtle.
The way you listen to something you can not see is perhaps human beings take off human clothes and listen carefully to their lives. It is listening to the mystery of life and the awe.
Dancer's listening is able to involve others into the listening to the Life Resonance. It is beautiful.

Read more "Darkness of body"

Sinking into darkness of the body
June 27, 2017

My teacher, Ramesh forever!

Ramesh, who was the greatest teacher of Llife Resonance for me, was gone yestersay.
Age 48 years old, by a cerebral hemorrhage.
In the first Indian tour three years ago, since becoming hemiplegic by cerebral hemorrhage, although he has a strong vitality who has overcame the crisis many times, truly Ramesh has finally exhausted.
Since the construction of the Subbody Resonance Cram School, Ramesh has supported me as a teacher of the Resonativity and as my right arm for 15 years.
Ramesh could see the attitude of a person and immediately understood what he wanted and instantaneously extended his hand to support. I have been saved so many times.
It is because I touched upon the beauty of his rich Resonativity that I started thinking that <Life Resonance> is the most important thing in Life.
Even though Ramesh died, Life Resonance Art will live forever.
He will continue to be my teacher.
Ramesh, thank you for a long time.
Please sleep in peace.

at Rotterdam
Rhizome Lee

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

International Butoh Festival Himalaya

Sinking into darkness of the body
18 June, 2017 

What to learn from handicapped people


"Master, Ttsumi Hijikata said.

"Butoh dancers have to learn first from the handicapped person's gesture.

They are not disabled.

On the contrary, a healthy person who is unaware in his / her every move is in fact a prisoner of a narrow body view and is inconvenient.

Following this teaching, the disciples brought a bent convulsive movement to the dance. That was the basis of Ankoku Butoh." (Natsu Nakajima)


Yes, exactly!

The Subtle listening technique which is trying to share on this summer tour is to learn from the handicapped people.

Every time the handicapped people move one body hardly, they listen to the body,

grasp what changes happened and focus on the next stroke.

It is the very essential technique to learn from them.


Our Life is always resonates with the inner cosmos and outer cosmos through subtle Life Resonance Qualia.

Slowly move a part of your body, and listen to what Qualia changes on your body . And resonate with next Life Resonance Qualia.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Subbody Journal
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 Qualia as Life Resonance

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Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

 Dancing own world=self image