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Accepting Long term co-reseachers!

March Starting 1 Year Course
March 4, 2019- December 7, 2019 ( 12 spaces Remained)

September Starting 1 Year Course
September 3, 2019- June 5, 2020 ( 15 spaces Remained)

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 Accepting Short Intensive course
June-August, 2018
It's half day and half price!
Let's get important Butoh techniques

Every Moday you can start!

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World Life Resonance Art

You can enjoy and learn Subbody Resonance Butoh,
and Life Resonance Art all over the world!

Life Resonance Art Tour
2018 in Europe



Gio is going to start
Life Resonance Art Tour
2018 in Europe

Let's co-organize and join in it!

Join in the “Europe Life Resonance Art Tour 2018”

Dear All Dancing Friend 

Life Resonance Art is new project of us that is not only Butoh, but also expand the collaboration with diverse Artists beyond borders.

Lee has continued Europe tour for these years, but this year has to rest it by knee condition, concentrate on writing in Himalayas. And Gio will take over it instead of Lee.

Gio is going to do the Europe tour with performances, workshops and collaborations with all kinds of Artists, starting July 2018 at Iceland and travel to various part of Europe.

Now we are accepting participants and organizers of it.

If you like to join in it, or organize any activities in your place, please contact Gio or Lee.


Gio: womandocu@gmail.com

Lee: subbody@gmail.com

Gio: Sati Gio has been the longest co-researcher with Lee at the Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya, and had worldwide experiences of performances, workshops and collaborations with various artists in Canada, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Korea and so on. You can enjoy and learn a lot with her.



Contact Gio



Dara will dance collaborating with Tibetan musician Loten Namling again
in Hungary

See the trailer video

She and Loten collaborated in Dharamsala last year
(The trailer video above was shot at that time.),
and this month collaborate again at her hometown, Pecs in Hungary.
It's so pleasant thing.
Subbody=cobody are nomad and rhizome,
connect freely and separate flexiblly.
At anywhere, we are One Life!

Mgon Nagpo (The Great Black One)

"The rhythm of the now does not reach me through light, it resonates within every particle of the darkness of the body. It’s darkness that binds us, opening up the horizon where we finally meet. Don’t be deluded by the mirage of light, this rhythm will become dance even when your eyes are closed."

Two eagles were circling above when they first played at the foots of the Himalaya, in Dharamsala. The meeting of Tibetan music and Japanese buto in two wanderers through whom traditions of East and West, mountains and valleys live together. Their common language is the sounding rhythm in the darkness of the body.

Musician: Loten Namling
Dancer: Ma (Dara)

19.00, 30th June 2018, garden of Vasarely Museum Pécs
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/273860344
Entrance: free and friendly
Based in Switzerland, Loten Namling has travelled worldwide with his lute, singing the songs of the 6th Dalai Lama, as well as other traditional Tibetan songs, and his own songs.
Originally from Pécs, Hungary, Ma has been traveling the world seeking the origin of movement. Butō is her way to find dance in the most surprising ways.

Contact Dara



Dara holds Workshops in Hungary

See the workshop trailer video

Butō atelier: the dancing eyes of skin

Where: Pécs, city centre, Hungary
When: 6-7-8 July 2018
Friday: 10:00-12.30, 14:00-17:00 studio
Saturday: 9:30-12:30, 14:00-18:00 outdoors
Sunday: 9:30-12:30, 14:00-17:00 studio

With the aim to create tradition, we launch this year the Butō atelier to open up the inner land through the exploration of the body as a unified subtle sense.
On the path of butō the self recognizes itself as a spatial entity than a personality, and so creates the receptivity for life resonance. Butō (舞踏) does not follow definite forms, it is poetic in its nature, and for this reason it is difficult to grasp it in an explicit way. Poetry brings us closer to the essence of butō. As a spatial entity that indwells in space, your body is a whole perceptual system that unify details.
In our practice instead of being a predator of perception, we create the space for receptiveness and a silent observer to let the language of movement unfold itself.

The duo of RhythmosNoir invites you to share a poetic movement practice through becoming explorers of our subtle sense. Dance in butō for us, is a light through a kaleidoscope that comes alive when the mindbody becomes a passage between the present moment and the inner land. This path is not about “knowledge production”, but about the process of discovering, and in a way unlearning, in every instant.
We believe, it is through movement we recognize our known spacetime, a movement holding certain vibrating rhythmic patterns, where poetic rhythms can be sensed in their free expression.

In short –
the atelier is about our subtle sense and living poetry

The butō atelier calls those who are interested in writing or/and express poetry through the body, those curious to find their unique dance, and those wishing to connect with their inner land.

Further information and registration: rhythmosnoir@gmail.com
The RhythmosNoir duo, Darinka and Edde have throughout their wanderer lives lived in various cultures, experiencing several dance and mind-body techniques around the world.
Darinka is a buto dancer, dance historian, researching spatial relations between movement and the environment (The title of her PhD research is „The Meeting of Spheres”).
Edde is traveler poet, butō dancer, a teacher of yin yoga, who has been studying various shamanistic ways, and seeking to transcribe the alchemy of nature’s spirits onto the moving image.
Both have been influenced by Japanese butō, and the approach of Rhizome Lee, with whom Darinka is continuing a co-research since their first meeting in 2016. Both live the path of butō which for them is a natural safe passage, a gate-less gate in-between worlds.

Contact Dara

Sinking into darkness of the body
  18 June 2018

Jo-Ha-Kyu of Clouding body


-Listen to the subtle Qualia carefully with starting with Quiet body or silent walk
-Wear all Qualia that you have met on the each layers of Hidden skins; Pracenta layer, womb layer, mother's body layer and world layer as a Qualia cloud.
-Listen to the Qualia cloud and let your each detail part of body resonate with them one by one at the subtle level.
-It seems just a subtle random swaying and vibrating body from the outlook.
-Essense of Jo is to share your deep listening with the world.

Ha: Break and change

-When you encounter an important Qualia, let each part of body follow the tendency
-Jo and Kyu is only one time, but Ha can be any number.
-Invent diverse change
-Change the density
-Change the position
-Change the speed, rhythm
-Change the dancing place
-Change the channel
-Use Tame and Rhizoming technique for more important Qulaia transformation
-Travel whole self and whole Life through the many Ha

Kyu:Climax and ending

-Collect all of imprtant Qualia and dance them in a short time
-Condence and speed up
-Dance imporatnt Qualia in the short time and jump to another wildly with inventing maxumum devices
-When yo uhave danced all important Qualia, you can end with a novel ending
-You can share all important Qulaia with the audience through Life to Life Resonance.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness of body"

Subbody Journal
Summer Intensive Course 
14 June 2018

Subtle Llistening and Rhizoming technique

At the resonance cram school summer intensive course,
Every day, we choose the most important thing for the participants and we concentrate on one technique and dig into it.
The second week focused on listening to even finer qualia,
Walking with blindfolds, touching with blindfold walking and giving the stimuluses of "Behind world" Qualia.
I attempted
<Rhizoming share> that the body infects each invisible Qualia.
Vishal guided the
resonance with things and searched for Life Resonant Qualia with stone, wood, paper, cloth, glass, metal, plastic and so on.
Pamela shared
the technique to dance behind the person, the technique to dance between, under and over the persons.

Listen to the subtler Qualia
We listen to the Qualia that have forgotten, marginalized and dissociated Qualia from the daily body.

Qualia that cannot resonate successfully
Many of them are collectively referred to as "Qualia that can not resonate well". There is a secret in which each subbody had to evacuate deep into the darkness of the body.

Clouding the body
Wear the diverse Qualia as possible to the each layer of the Hidden skins around the body.
It clouds the body and carries that clouding body.

Rhizoming technique
We listen carefully to the body. Listen to Qualia that does not exist in the physical realm. Only Life can resonate with the Qualia.
Hunt a moment in the flow of Qualia that changes every moment. And give the body to the flow of Qualia.
Sometimes it becomes a movement such as sway, trembling, shrinking, spreading, shocking,collapsing and so on.
Sometimes it will be a change in the density of the body coming from fear or condensation.
In Butoh, it is important to carry the density of body as well as the movement.
These changes spread and infect from a part of the body to other parts of the body. It is the Rhizoming technique that manages it.
Each moment the resonance pattern of the Life of one hundred trillion cells constituting the body changes.
Differentiate the changes in the super slow-motion and show the details of what is going on in Life.
Rhizoming is essential as a resonance technique of Life.
Dance the most important Qualia transformation occurs delicately in a dance piece and share it with the world precisely.
Audience's Life can be involved in that transformation.
That is the Life Resonance Butoh that is able to change the world.
Open various parts of the body and resonates with those diverse Qualia.

<Jumping Wild>
Each part of the body resonates with each Qualia in as short time as possible and moves from the next Qualia to the next.

It closes to the secret of the origin of the subbody=cobody hidden in the darkness of the body.
At the same time, it will bring us to the world of "Sick Dancing Princess".

On the weekend's subbody = Cobody Theater, participants' dance was little by little, but it certainly changed.
In the third week, we will integrate these, and we will head towards the
<Clouding Body> technique.

After these, the fourth week, we will learn the Qualia of
< Flower of Kan (Disability)> that Tatsumi Hijikata collected for long years, and explore each own Qualia of <Kan> and dance it.
This year 's June is going to be a dense month.

Read More "School Journal"

International Butoh Festival Himalaya

Odeath | Rita 
Practice Guide
This summer we are re-editing the "Practice Guide" which has been suspended for a while in recent years. The reason why it was interrupted is that the practical guide became too big to open because it was enormous. We will publish it on a single book at this opportunity.
Looking back the whole change of it, in the last few years the subbody technique has been deepening a lot and I know that what has been realized is becomes transparent. This article will be a symbol of that.

Subtle Listening and Rhizoming
14 June 2018

Subtle Llistening and Rhizoming technique

We listen carefully to the body. Listen to Qualia that does not exist in the physical realm. Only Life can resonate with Quaia. Hunt a moment in the flow of Qualia that changes every moment. And give the body to the flow of Qualia.
Sometimes it becomes a movement such as sway, trembling, shrinking, spreading, shocking and so on.
Sometimes it will be a change in the density of the body coming from fear or condensation.
In Butoh, it is important to carry the density of body as well as the movement.

These changes spread and infect from a part of the body to other parts of the body. It is the Rhizoming technique that manages it.
Each moment the resonance pattern of the life of one hundred trillion cells constituting the body changes.
Differentiate the changes in the super slow-motion and show the details of what is going on in Life.
Rhizoming is essential as a resonance technique of Life.
Dance the most important Qualia transformation occurs delicately in a dance piece and share it with the world precisely.
Audience's Life can be involved in that transformation.
That is the Life Resonance Butoh that is able to change the world.

Read More "Practice Guide"

World Subbody Resonance

You can enjoy and learn Subbody Resonance Butoh all over the world!

 We introduce various activities of subbody=cobody all over the world.
Even though the place is far away, we are resonating
One Life!.



Leire performed in a musium in Spain

Yes! That's it!
Dance in the museum, dance in the park!
Dance everywhere on the planet!

Let's make the street corners of the world subbody=cobody theaters!

Dear Lee

I send you some photos of a performance my mum invited me to do at her exhibition in a museum in Spain. One friend of her collaborates with sound and lights.

The qualia she explores in her paintigs were those of: warm, end of the world, volcano, underground, lava... She gave me a big piece of plastic that is what covers her studio floor when she paints. So all the colours that dont go "inside" her paintings fall in this plastic.

Then she wrote a text of Artaud on it and asked me to do what I want in this space.

It was interesting and a lot to explore when doing "performance" in an enviroment out of the Butoh school.

See you soon


PD: The text of Artaud that was writen in the plastic (is a translation I did from the cook in Spanish):

A whispering wind agitates all those lost larvae that where gathered by the night in mirroring images. There can be felt a trituration of floodgates, a luck of horrible volcanic shock where the light of the day has been disociated. And from that shock, from that tearing of two principles, born all the images potentially, with a more strong push than a volcanic seabed wave.

There is the strengh of a consolidated dream, as hard as the shell of an insect and ful of legs spread in all the directions of the sky.

Contact Leire



Circle Fenminino Na Agua

When 17th June 17:30
Where: Sessao Individual, Agendar, Brasil

Hello everyone

Sharing here that next Sunday we will have a dance experience in the water guided by Pil ARa Echavarria here in aracaju

The practice will be in the hall of artemisia space and the waters of the sea and the river.

For more information please contact!!

" water dance explores the art of connection of breath that allows you to establish a deep relationship between what of the session with the one you receive, inspiring confidence and offering the attention that is needed to bring someone below the surface of the water.

Through the water with safety, ease and fluidity, giving what receives a deep state of sense of freedom and joy.

Waterdance makes it possible to explore the poetry of spontaneity inspired by what is present at the time of therapy.
Creating your own vocabulary of movements that have been introductionof since breath."

by Marcelo Roque

Contact Pilar


John Giskes

konpaku 魂魄 pop-up performances

a few stills from the performance

at the cultuurwerkplaats tarwewijk on June 9, 2018.

Aston special - konpaku 魂魄 pop-up performances
on 2,3,8 and 10 June 2018 Rollostraat 34, Rotterdam,
open atelier
from 13:00 to 18:00
'Mercury' performance
at cultuurwerkplaats tarwewijk
on June 9, 2018
at 19:00 pm, CILLAARSHOEKSTRAAT 1, Rotterdam.

Contact John



Dara will perform 20th June

Fehér (White) 

In the current form of the piece, a solo-duo solo-duo movement and dance improvisation following the Japanese butoh technique, with Dániel Gyöngy and Darinka Pilári: I reclame dance for the victims of the present and the violent acts of the past who lost their lives - or are losing their will In spite.

When: 20th June 21:00-22:00
Where: The performance will take place within the framework of the PAD Street Festival, in the courtyard of the B24 gallery, Debrecen, Hungary.
Entrance is free. Everybody is welcome!
I'm white,
like blank paper.
Write to me,
hold on to my skin eternity
bloody-black penna:
a slice of unwanted reality.

Concept and dance: Dániel Pearl and Darinka Pilári
Costume: Zsuzsa Szász

Contact Dara

Subbody Journal
Summer Intensive Course
Into | Ellie and Pamela 
9 June 2018

Deep Listening

he Subbody Summer Intensive course has begun.
We, three midwives, are trying to share the best in each day.
The first week we shared the following technique in each day.

-Listening to subtle Qualia in the darkness of body and around the body -Bottom body
-Proto body
-Being moved Qualia

To listen to subtle Qualia is the most important thing than other things. Because only it can erase the ego and self-intention to express something. Participants could show the deep listening in the weekend performances. Each one tried to listen so sensitively.
I was so surprised at them, it was so beautiful.
And the audiences were involved in the listening.
That was the Life Resonance theater.

What is the next?
We, three midwives, continue to listen for twenty-four hours.
What will happen in the next week?
It is so deep fun.

Read More "School Journal"


Subbody Butoh
Summer Intensive


           June 4 to August 24, 2018


Let's study Important Butoh Techniques intensively
at cool Himalaya, in this Summer!

Here is 2000m hight from sea level.
Temperature is very confortable about 20℃.

We selected most important Butoh Techniques which collected for the two decades, and study one technique in each day.

For one month you can get 20 important Butoh techniques with Rhizome Lee, Pamela, Vishal.



June course: June 4 – 29

July course: July 2 – 27

August course: July 30 – August 24


Monday to Friday
:00 to 12:30
Afternoon, you can enjoy free practice at the studio, garden
and Himalayan nature

Every Monday you can start with any duration

 Midwife: Lee, Pamela, Vishal,
and Adam



 We select the most important technique from Subbody Resonance Butoh and Hijikata Butoh method.
In each morning practice it
and reseach new subbody=cobody.

Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya
Dharamsala, India


: subbody@mail.com



World Subbody Resonance

We introduce various activities of subbody=cobody all over the world.
Subbody=cobody is a Rhizome with no center.
Where and whenever we can connect freely and separate flexiblly.
Diverse attempts of connection and separation are ongoing
in various places.
Even though the place is far away,
We are One Life that is always resonating.

Crick here to see the trailer 


Ash and diamonds
Uncovered Physical Theater

"My soul is turning to ashes
If I breathe out
They spill from my body
I breathe myself in and out
My soul floats throughout the sky
As it turns to ashes and falls."
(Kazuo Ohno)

When: June 9 and 16 at 10:30 p.m.
Where: Bt The spring threshold, Spain

Contact Jonathan

International Butoh Festival Himalaya

 That | Laurence
 With this All | Alex |16th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
 Two Souls | Gio and cobody
Grand Finale 
The 16th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
has finished successfuly!
Thank you very much!

World Subbody Resonance



The art of being born.
Seminar of Butosophy
with Jonathan Martineau

This summer in vitoria,
week of carnal research
digging into the only value, freedom.

Cheers !

When: 23 July - 27 July
23 July at 10:00 to 27 July at 14:00
Where: Baratza Aretoa
Plazuela Aldabe 4, 01003 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Pais Vasco, Spain

Contact Jonathan


John Giskes

konpaku 魂魄 pop-up performances

Aston special - konpaku 魂魄 pop-up performances
on 2,3,8 and 10 June 2018 Rollostraat 34, Rotterdam,
open atelier
from 13:00 to 18:00
'Mercury' performance
at cultuurwerkplaats tarwewijk
on June 9, 2018
at 19:00 pm, CILLAARSHOEKSTRAAT 1, Rotterdam.

Contact John


Aia(Raisa)、Jaime, Pilar、Yoko

We are one Life!

Good news!
Pilar and Yoko who are traveling with dancing in Brazil
met Aia, Jaime and their son!

Dear Lee!
Today we met in Brasil
with the first subbody grandson!!!
Love from here!!

Aia(Raisa), Jaime, Pilar and Yoko

Contact Pilar



Movement as Performance

When: June 4 -9 20:00
Where: Mumbai, Anant Vijay, India
B311 samartha Ashwarya building..lokhanwala..
Andheri west, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400104

Every movement we make gives rise to another movement and the balancing of all the movements is in some form called the politics of performance. Understanding movement and strengthening the core to the edge muscles of the body would be the main focus of the Workshop.

A space to explore the self would be the main focus of the sessions.

Contact Naireet



Outdoor Butoh Performance
in Exihbition of Teppei Kato

When 29 May 14:30
Where: Senmaya-cho,Ichiniseki-City, Iwate, Japan

I will dance. Waiting for you!

Contact Igu (Ikuko Iwabuchi)



Introducing Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop

Beginning Doushin Butoh Workshop is designed as a pre-requisite for Doushin Butoh Workshop in order to learn the basic physical methods of Subbody Butoh Method and basic meditation techniques of Spring Forest Qigong. ​​​​​​​​​

This workshop will focus on the essential aspects of Doushin Butoh:
Quiet down the daily consciousness and listen to the subtle body signals
Go beyond our physical, psychological and social bounds in order to create movements that are novel and unique to the individual body
Resonate with other bodies
Go into meditative state using Spring Forest Qigong techniques
Doushin Butoh Workshop is a group process and this workshop requires no previous dance experience. Anyone who would like to explore his or her hidden creative potentials is welcome!

When: Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00pm

First Term: 6/7, 6/14, 7/12, 8/2, 8/9

Where: Heart of Tao Resonance Art, 2322 Garfield St. NE, Minneapolis 55418

Tuition: $120

To Register, please complete Online Registration Form.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

The Butoh ――A dedication to Tatsumi Hijikata
5 Becoming a rhizome

Become a rhizome.
Become a secret!

What is Rhizome?
It is a new way of being.
Take off the illusion of being a human and you will find the possibilities of just being a life very flexible.

Rhizoming technique is a technique in order to become a rhizome.
<Rhizome> is the oppisite concept of <Tree> that has hierarchy.
All hierarchy that has top/bottom, center/edge is common illusion that human made. In the Universe, there is no center, no top. Universe and nature is the rhizome acctually. Rhizome can connect freely and separate flexiblly at any point.
To become rhizome means we become nature with taking off all human illusions.

1. Control the body at a subtle level

Rhizoming is a technique of transformation that begins at one part of the body, then infects a neighbouring part, and spreads to the whole body/mind.

In the darkness of the body, non-dualistic multiple dimensions are streaming and changing. If we watch this directly, we cannot understand what is happening, because there is too much chaos.
By slowing down, we can differentiate within the chaos. We can choose a subtle qualia, follow it, and amplify it to the maximum. By cutting the whole process into thousands of moments and stopping time, we can see more clearly what is happening within the process.

2. Various Rhizomings

There are seven ways of rhizoming:
1) Bottom rhizoming; a transformation that starts from the bottom.
2) Top rhizoming; starts from the head.
3) Centre rhizoming; starts from the centre of the body.
4) Edge rhizoming; starts from an edge, like a finger or toe.
5) Charm rhizoming; in the middle of a bottom or centre rhizoming process, another power influences the movement, and the movement changes to another stream.
6) Strange rhizoming; in the process of top or edge rhizoming, another power disturbs the process, changing the movement in a strange way.
7) Random rhizoming; starts at random points of body.

3. Eight channels Rhizoming

When subbody is streaming in the darkness of body, it has multi channels Qualia, it does not separated into any channels.
But when it comes out with noticing by the consciusness, it has to come out through a channel, because or consciousness can recognize a signal through only one channel at the same time.
Then our multi channels qualia have to change into a channel stream with shrinking.
That's why a stream comes out through fifferent channels, for example, dream , syndorome of body, subbody movement and so on.
We need to control these process between multi channels qualia streams to passing through single channel to another channel in the time process to show whole Qualia.

4. Tree/Rhizome change

Subbody stream seems to change shape and qualia from a channel to another channel. But it is a illusion only for our consciousness, because the consciousness can recognize qualia through only a channel at the same time.
Then we need to show our subbody movement with changing from a channel to another channel for informing the whole channels qualia to others.
We have to be a transrators from multi dimensional rhizome to lower dimensional tree movement.
To become a subbody means to become rhizome and transrator between rhizome world and tree world.

5. Opening another dimension

Subbody method has a specific changing technique as a 'opening another dimension'.
Like a dream change the scene from a scene to another scene without noticing by consciousness, our qualia stream are always changing and streaming in our darkness of body.

A subtle signal of onther dimension which was folded in a dimension is unfolded, and comes out gradually until to open whole of another dimension.

6 Transparent mind and body

When you get the whole techniques above, you can see the whole process transparently which is happening in the darkness of body between the body, subconsciousness and consciousness.
It happens not in stillness body, but in moving body.
When you dance your subbody butoh movement with changing from a dimension to another dimension dynamicly, you can see everything so transparently.
It is the transparent mind.

And when it is possible to show everythng to the audience with resonance riken.
Resonance riken means to watch the whole process in performing from outside, including the resonance with audience.
Everything is resonating between dancers and audience in a short moment.
Then with using resonance riken, you can controll the Jo-Ha-Kyu timing with subtle control.
When you get this resonance riken, you can becoem a transparent body which it is able to show everything transparently.
I do not know how long time we will need, because also I am middle on the way to be a transparent body.

New Subbody Butoh Book
 Now on Amazon!!

 The Butoh

Rhizome Lee

Kindle 6.99 $
Paperback 20 $

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