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Nomad Rhizome in the River and Forest 

Nomad Rhizome
in the River

Life Cycle / Inge
and cobody

 Stone Teresa

GRAVE Digger / Santeri 

Working Title / Alex
Half Apple of Biater Silas, Gorka and Alex 

5 Subbodies / Inge, Vishal, Teresa, Gagan and Rita
Orbit being moved
Pamela & cobody
 Summer Guy / Gorka Ferrero

Sigil / Pamea 
Becky Adam

Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017
Nest in Geneva / Sebastien, Aymon, Bruce and Cobody
"Amazon" Laurence's Dreaming Share
Aymon's Dreaming Share

Listen to the Rock / Irene and cobody
Original Weapon in the Forest / Andrea and cobody 
A Travel to Underground / Jerone and Cobody

"Turn Down the Slope" Pierre and cobody
Coboby Gathering in Switzerland / Asuka and Cobody

"Where are you now?" Eva and cobody
Subtle Listening

  Eva's Dreaming Share
Yamazaki, Sleep!
 Yamasawa, Sleep!

A Girl
Hijikata Tatsumi
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Read "SickDancing Princess"
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Nomad Rhizome in the River and Forest    
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Nomad Rhizome in the River and Forest 
Nomad Rhizome in the River
Life Cycle / Inge and cobody 
 C=O=A / Gagan and Mohet
 Life Cycle / Inge and cobody
Stone Teresa 
GRAVE Digger / Santeri 
Working Title / Alex 
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Sinking into darkness of the body
Michel Foucault 
September 5, 2017

Become Transparent Life

"Do not ask who I am and do not ask me to remain the same. More than one person, doubtless like me, writes in order to have no face." ― Michel Foucault



Become Transparent

Foucault who declared the death of human beings, refused to be treated as a "human" with the character of some kind of personality.
In the darkness of the body, there are countless tendencies, not just the surface personality facing society and others
He was writing as a rhizome of these multiple tendencies with cooperating by mixing and separating.
Many questioners who misunderstood themselves as "human beings", projected their illusion of himan to him. He could not endure that they tried to label Foucault as "someone in man" as themselves.
Foucault took off all human conditions, and tried to become something not human, to become "what is after human beings".
There is no word to name it yet.
It is not proper to name it such as "superhuman" like Nietzsche.
Foucault died without his name. Foucault's allies Gilles Deleuze discovered the idea of ​​"Rhizome".
It refers to the way of being generated and changing into the "future human beings after humans" by taking off the conditions of various modern "human" conditions.
Because I am their disciple, I live on the way to it, I inherited the name "Rhizome".

Subbody and cobody that come out from the darkness of body are not single, but something can not be counted.
It constantly resonantes, transforms, separates freely and connects to other subbodies flexibilly to become cobody.
There is no fixed face and no home, neither the center nor the frontier.
Indeed, subbody = cobody is a Rhizome.
In Foucault, as several people wrote to erase their faces, we dance as well to become transparent Life as numerous subbodies=cobodies come in and out.

Take off the 'Human' and become transparent Life which resonate with everything, not being bound by both of inside and outside. Life accept everything and after long waiting, invent a necessary creation to survive by 'Reverse Twist'.

Reverse Twist

All creation is the 'Reverse Twist'. Face the all twisted (=pressed, invaded) Qualia in your Life from the world, and find the timing of 'the Reverse Twist' to change it to an unavoidable creation.
It is the way of Life for us, and Butoh of Life.

Share the necessary creation for Life

Primordial Life could not resonate well with oxygion gas at all, because it was so strong poison, Life had to keep safe distance with oxygen for a billion years. And proteo bacteria invented the way of resonance with oxygen as cell breathing. We share the invention in the cell as a Mitochondria, then we can breath in the air now.
Though our Subbody Resonance Butoh creations are so small than the invention of the 'Oxygen breathing', if it is necessary invention for surviving, it is worth to share with all Life.
This is the reason to perform our Butoh. To share our own best with Life, it is the performance of Butoh of Life.

Become Transparent

To become transparent, means to be released from all twisted Qualia both of inner restriction and outer restriction. We need to release from Ego, Self, various personalities which is twisted, warped, limited in the life history, sexualities, nationalities, archetype and prototype which is hidden in the darkness of body and from the society, nation-state, and all boundaries in the world. 

"More than two persons writes in order to have no face"

In the short word of 'face' Foucault implied so many elements as the above. So, no face means the same as Transparency. Also for us, more than ten subbodies and cobodies create butoh in order to be transparent. We need to continue infinite subbody butoh creation by the 'reverse twist', so that to overcome so many restrictions in the darkness of body.
Our life is long travel toward 'the Transparent Life'.

Why Transparent?

Despite that I have tried to be transparent for long years, still I was bound by so many opaque Qualia in the darkness of body every moment. It is not so easy to be transparent, and the opaque tendencies always possess me and dominate me by unknown force. I feel that I was always twisted by them in each moment. That's why to be released from them is necessary for me to survive and become Transparent Life.

Read more "Sinking into the darkness"

Subbody Journal
Half Apple of Biater Silas, Gorka and Alex 
5 Subbodies / Inge, Vishal, Teresa, Gagan and Rita 
Orbit being moved / Pamela & cobody 
Summer Night Butoh Fever / Adam, Xin, Gorka, Pamela and Rita 
 Summer Guy / Gorka Ferrero
Sigil / Pamea 
BECKY / Adam Koan 
Himalaya Resonance Diary


Butoh Manual by Adam
Adam built a Butoh Manual site

Welcome, curious souls!

We have here the first of its kind virtual butoh manual. This manual is very heavy with hands-on exercise and simple explanations.

Everything is a teacher. This manual is just one grain of sand in the immense hourglass of life that some might find useful. It is up to the individual to craft their own butoh. The manual is about creating creators and visionaries. The main source of inspiration is our own body and psyche.

This manual is to be approached with play, curiosity, bravery, creativity, and rebellion. There is nothing immune to remixing or discarding. Discernment is part of creating your own artistic genius. The navigation is set up as cumulative, but it does not mean you cannot jump around to whatever grabs your interest.

Kindly consider donating to support my mission to make butoh more accessible. Butoh should not be only for a privileged few. There is space for allLGBTQA, PoC, the physically or mentally unique, and usually all ages.

Any questions at all whether technical or not, don’t hesitate to reach me.

Adam Koan


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